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Store Policy

1. For booking an appointment we are required to get the customer's full name, phone number, and email address.  A Credit card information will be used for holding via deposit purposes. We will not charge until the client come to use the service unless they do not show up. Only then will we need to charge the total price for a no-show. 

If customers don't wish to give credit card information, the client will need to book online instead. 

2. If a customer does not want to share their Phone number or Email address with us to book an appointment. (The client will be accepted in the event that they will not receive any confirmation or warning about their future appointment from our booking system, and if they do not show up, we will automatically charge 50% from their service type.  


Customers who provide falsified information such as Name, Phone number, and Email will be penalized in our Facial Spa system and will not be ensured any refund or if something happens to them, such as an injury during the massage session, nor claim they are unhappy with the service.

3.  Customers can still change their appointment, but the receptionists need to ask for the exact date and time. Ensure they can come and warn them if they do not show up for any reason. The payment will be charged automatically at the total price. 

If customers are unsure and may not return,  we are allowed to charge 50% of the total price following the store policy. 

4. Any cancellation must be 24 hour prior to the appointment schedule

5. Failure to call or notify us will result in penalty charge for the session. 


We will send out the store policy to customers who do not show up or miss their appointments. We will be require to charge 50% or 100% of the total price of the services. 

*For Clients who book appointment for other guests, family and friends, the original person who call or make reservations online will be charge if the reservation guest is no-show or miss their appointment without notify us 24 hours priors.)

                    50 % for same day cancellation

                       Full charge for no show

6. For Customers who are using packages: If the client call to cancel right before their appointment, we will allowed them to change their appointments only once. If the client call to move their appointments again, we will have to charge $30. 

7. Membership customers will be automatically charged every month even if they're not showing up. 

- For Customers who purchase gift card certificates are non-refundable however the credit will be held in the account for future use which will never be expired.

8. Due to Covid-19 CDC protocol require every customer to wear

mask when entering the lux spa. 

9. Groupon customers are only allowed for 1 person and for 1 visit only.

Any additional voucher will not be acceptable and clients must contact groupon for a refund.

10. Late policy: Due to certain life circumstances, we understand many factors may cause you to be late for your appointment. We ask that you let us know ahead of time either by Calling in or Email us.

- We will do our very best to accommodate your session. This may result in a shorter version of your scheduled service to give the next scheduled on-time client their full service.


(Below is the shorter time breakdown)


- Arriving late for more than 5 minutes may result in a shorter duration of your massage service, i.e., Arriving Late 10-15 minutes for (60 or 90 minutes session) will be adjusted to 45 or 75 minutes max. (Same rule apply with the 90 Minutes appointment)

- If the customer can't come before the 15 minutes deadline on their original appointment, their schedule will be automatically forfeit or cancel. It will result in a penalty charge unless they can provide a new reschedule of the appointment to the receptionist. 

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